Natural Fibers

Let nature be your guide!

Sisal, Jute, and Sea-grass aren’t the names of hipster kids. Although they’d make cute names, they are some of the natural materials used in natural fiber area rugs. You’d be hard-pressed to find an argument against using natural fiber rugs in your home. They are durable, easy to clean, lovely to look at, and delightful to walk on. You could say that natural fiber rugs are the workhorses of the rug world, but they are so much more than that!

Sisal, that is strong enough to be used as heavy ropes for large ships, is a durable material. Defend your home against dirt from the shoes of people who refuse to adhere to the “no shoes in the house” rule, by placing a stylish sisal rug in your entry. It is very easy to clean, that even a child can do it. So hand over the vacuum to your capable child for the rug maintenance duty a few times a week. Durability and ease of care aren’t the only attributes here, Sisal is also easy on the eyes. It is naturally light and creamy in color and brings a natural, earthy element to any decor.



Stain-resistant sea-grass, often bonded with a band of a cotton border, is a fantastic addition to a family dining room. If the border is a contrasting dark color, then it can create a dramatic frame for your dining area. Family friendly, easy to clean, and remarkably sturdy, seagrass rugs bring a natural look to the dining room. Lay an antique Persian rug on top, and the framing on your sea-grass rug will push that Persian rug out like an artwork and you’ll have a show stopper right under your feet. Sea-grass rugs look great positioned alone or as a base in any room, but they really shine in a dining room. You can make it beachy, contemporary, or do it in English Pub-style because the muted colors and natural fibers play well with any type of décor. If a bold border isn’t your thing, opt for a pale border and allow the rug to melt into the background, giving your room that finishing touch that it needs.




Jute is beautiful, bringing the warmth of nature inside your home, setting the stage for your furnishings and accessories. Jute can be used under a heavy oak bed with a hand-made heirloom quilt or a blond platform bed with a crisp, white down comforter.



In the coastal living room with bright walls full of sunlight, a jute rug shines beneath a light chambray sofa, completing an airy, comfortable design. Even in an upscale loft, jute brings a sense of life to a cool, sophisticated minimalist design.



While these aren’t the only natural fibers to be made into area rugs, these are the three most common and least expensive materials. Let nature be your guide to composing great designs. Be it a Jute, Sisal, or Sea-grass rug, get started on your project. Designers know that natural objects compliment every type of décor and style, and now you do too!

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